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GHE Controller, water and nutrient reservoir Wishlist

GHE Controller, water and nutrient reservoir

GHE Controller, water and nutrient reservoir

Four AuqaFarms or 8 WaterFarms can be connected to the Controller. This system was developed by GHE and is used by NASA.

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GHE Controller, water and nutrient reservoir - 1 GHE Controller, water and nutrient reservoir GHE Controller, water and nutrient reservoir GHE Controller, water and nutrient reservoir GHE Controller, water and nutrient reservoir
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The Controller is an important instrument for AquaFarm and WaterFarm growers.
A series of these modules can be interconnected together with the Controller supplying nutrient and water automatically to all the units.

The Controller ACS is a reservoir that allows to connect several irrigation systems, but also keep their independence. By now, the Controller offers
quite a few important features:

* The Controller makes the nutrient solution circulate between the pots. A complete cycle lasts less than half an hour.
* It also supplies the equality of the pH- and EC-values in all pots at the same time - and so creates a constantly optmized environment for the roots.
* Additionally it's very practical: One single central air compressor is enough to supply nutrient solution to the entire system.
* The Controller fits into all systems, wether we're talking about GHE systems, systems of other producers ore self-made systems. Hoses and connectors can be added to expand the system.

The Controller consits of two parts: The lower container "A" and the upper container "B" (reservoir). The circulation through container "A"  allows a direct influence on the pH- and EC-value. You can reach the reservoir easily by just lifting the top lid of "B".

ca. 46 x 46 x 80 cm

Precise and helpful instruction is here.
The delivery time will properbly be ca. 2 weeks, because we always don't have all GHE systems on stock.
Possibbly, the producers deliveres directly to you. In that case, we will inform you immediately, because then COD (cash on delivery) is not possible.

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