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HY-PRO Rootstimulator, 0.5 liter Wishlist

HY-PRO Rootstimulator, 0.5 liter

HY-PRO Rootstimulator, 0.5 liter

The rootstimulator by HY-PRO strengthen the root system of the plant and thereby helps with a healthy and thriving ingestion.

Volume: 500ml
N-P-K value: 0.3 - 0.02 - 6

Product no.: 3005
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Plants depend on their rootstock for their food supply. They need to develop roots to be able to consume their nutrition. There fore a many-branched and a healthy rootstock ensures a good food supply.By administering HY-PRO Rootstimulator the roots can be encouraged to form a solid foundation for the plant.

During their lifecycle, plants keep facing new challenges. Each stadium has its own needs and when these are met, it leads to an optimal grow. The grower of the plant needs to adapt the nutrition of the plant to each stadium. We recommend you to start at the basis: the roots of the plant.
HY-PRO Rootstimulator can be added in the watering or irrigation system.You can mix it together with HY-PRO Terra (for plants on soil) or HY-DRO A/B (for plants on hydroculture) in the same watering. We recommend mixing Rootstimulator with water in a proportion of 1:200. This means 5 ml. Rootstimulator per liter of water. It is recommended to mix only the required quantity for one treatment.

nitrogen (N) 0,3 %
phosphor (P2O5) 0,02 %
potassium (K2O) 6 %
calcium (CaO) 0,2 %
sulfur (S) 1 %
magnesium (MgO) 0,2 %

Base materials:
100% natural raw materials.

Secondary ingredients:
cytokinins - 0,02 %
betaines - 0,01 %
carbohydrates - TM 11 %
copper - (Cu) 0,3-2 ppm
iron - (Fe) 15-60 ppm
mangan (Mn) 1-4 ppm
zinc - (Zn) 3-30 ppm
boron - (B) 6-30 ppm
molybdenum - (Mo) 0,3-2 ppm

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