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Cooltube by Prima Klima, Ø125mm, length: 480mm

Cooltube by Prima Klima, Ø125mm, length: 480mm
Our previous price 39,90 €
Now only 31,90 €
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Green Buzz Big Fruits standard 1000ml

Green Buzz Big Fruits standard 1000ml
39,90 €
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Udopea Online Headshop & Growshop

UDOPEA - Your specialist for Headshop, Growshop, Homebox, plant illumination and bongs

Growshops supply plant illumination for indoor gardens, growrooms, the growbox or homebox. Sodium discharger lamps, CFL and ESL illuminants, but also everything for drip irrigation and climate control are part of the program.

We have specialized on plant cultivation under artificial light in hydroponic systems and on soil. We supply complete help for the right illumination, the climate control and for automated irrigation. Besides of neon lamps, CFL and ESL lamps, we mainly offer sodium discharge lamps, HPI-T and gas-discharger. For the climate control, we arrange the right fans, ventilators, huminifier, heater, fan-controller and climate controller according to your individual needs. Besides our high-quality soil, we offer hydroponic substrates like stonewool, foamed clay and cocos substrate, of course. We are also familiar with the latest techniques of aeroponic systmes of plant cultivation, and we supply a wide range of articles. Aeroponic = Hydroponic without substrate. Of course, everybody can also compose the according mechanical irrigation system here, or let compose by us.
To make plant cultivation under artificial light a success, we mainly offer brand products, for example: Philips, Silvana, Osram, Gardena, Homebox,Grodan, Plagron, Canna, Hesi, Neudorff, Celaflor, Biplantol.

Headshops provide bongs, pipes and papers. Popular headshop brands and articles are: Roor, Weed-Star, Magic-Glass, grinders, Vaporizers, vapbongs and blunts.

A headshop is a kind of business, that has developed from the so called Flower-Power culture of the 1970es. Originally it all begun with the hippies bringing shillums (or chillums) back home from their journeys to India. At first, these shillums have been sold on festivals, just like small pipes and oversized papers, so-called Kingsize Papers. Throughout the years, a real headshop culture has developed in America, in the Netherlands and also in Germany. UDOPEA Headshop has been founded in 1981 by Ekkehard Böhme, a pioneer of the headshop scene in Germany. Today, UDOPEA provides a wide and well-sorted program of headshop articles. Bongs by: Roor, Weed-Star, Black-Leaf, Magic-Glass, papers by: OCB, Smoking, Rizla, Weed-Star, Roor, Ja-Ja, Mascotte, and may more. Wooden grinders, anodized aluminium grinders, acrylic grinders, electrical grinders, hemp grinders, pipes of meerschaum, pipes of bruyere-wood, pipes of metal and glass, one-hitters, vaporizers and many more. Blunts by: Blunt-Wrap, Brown-Sugar, Cyclones, Golden-Wrap, Haarlem-Blunts, Juicy, Redgies, Royal-Blunts and True-Blunts. Digital scales by Dipse, Josh's digital scales, JDK digital scales, spring scales by Pesola, Knaster, crump trays, cigaret holders, sieves, every month a "Bong of the Month" etc.

The online shop is made secure with SSL and can be used without objections. You can put articles into the shopping cart, and login later to complete the purchase. Or you can use the opportunity to order as a guest - that means, your data will be deleted from the server immediately after your purchase. Of course, we will pack and ship your ordered articles discretely. Your direct contact persons Ede and Hüseyin will be glad to answere all your questions concerning our products and how to use them. Dial 0049-421-221148-0 or send an e-mail.

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